From the access to the country mansion along a path lined with plants and bushes, the visitor reaches a garden surrounding the mansion where, with the passage of time, beautiful hundred-year old trees (birch, fir and pine) have formed a forest that gives shade to the Mansion.

A river of sparkling, clear water pass runs through the estate on the west side, mingling with extensive, green grasslands, where the majestic sight of the Somiedo mountains can be seen.

The impression given is that the entire estate, comprising the country mansion and the romantic landscape surrounding it has been astutely put there to give the hiker rest after enjoying the different excursions available in the area. The soul is soothed by its shelter and, the radiance of the day is taken over by the infinite murmuring of the night.

ceres ecotour
casonas asturianas

De la recepción a la habitación
se pasman las ilusiones
y se alegra el cansancio

y a medida que se asciende
se va escuchando el cantar
de todas las sensaciones.

Ya en la cama... concentración:
murmullos del río Somiedo,
páginas del tiempo
y soliloquios con ton y son

Juan Zamanillo Peral


Season PEAK.
16 July to 15 September

  • Individual room: 80 euros
  • Double room: 100 euros
  • Superior double room: 125 euros

Season OFF.
Rest of the year

  • Room individual: 70 euros
  • Room double: 90 euros
  • Room Superior double: 110 euros

Extra: 20€


Closed from december 11 to april 13, inclusive.



  • 7 double and 2 single rooms
  • 1 special double room
  • 2 dining rooms
  • Open-air swimming pool
  • Tennis and basketball court
  • Spacious garden
  • WIFI
  • Reading and games room
  • Cafeteria service
  • Private car park

Other services

  • Outdoor children’s park
  • Educational and ecological vegetable garden
  • Bear watching
  • Nature walks with explanations

Reservation and cancellation policy
In order to confirm the booking, 30 % of the total cost is requested in advance. If, for any reason, the customer decides to cancel at least one week in advance, the amount advanced will be refunded.

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