We understand health as a complete state of harmony and well-being, both physical and mental, of the person in terms of the environment. Our lives are often such a whirlpool of emotions and stimuli that we are unable to digest or enjoy. Holidays in a place such as this surrounding our hotel can be the perfect time to stop off and become conscious of our body and mind.



Rest is an important area of our health, sleeping by night is the time to repair the tissues of our organism and it is important to respect it. But there are other ways of rest that we can put into practice during the day: siesta, conscious rest from stressful stimuli, relaxation, silence...

Our hotel is set in harmonious, attractive surroundings inviting us to rest and calm: green pastures, river, forest and pleasant walks in the surrounding areas and mountain. The hotel also has pleasant facilities to enjoy outside activities such as healthy sun and air baths, as well as stimulating baths in the swimming pool. During your stay, we will offer you some simple daily instructions to enable you to enjoy this all the more and to the benefit of your body.

aire libre

Aire libre

After a walk in the mountains or a bath in the swimming pool, there is nothing better than a massage with our physiotherapist, who will be able to give you a healthy massage depending on your needs.

Additionally, we offer a breakfast and cafeteria menu, with home-made products made from natural and ecological ingredients, in some cases, coming from fair trade. We consider that personal health is in harmony with the health of our planet.

alimentación ecológica

Alimentación ecológica

To end the day, we offer thematic snacks about different aspects of health aspects, depending on the number of participants and the time of year. We prepare healthy recipes that we share with our guests, leading to conversations that will fill us with well-being.

guia de salud y bienestar

Retreat guide

Seasons in Somiedo

primavera en somiedo


Somiedo and our hotel spring to life after the long, cold winter when the first birdsong can be heard since dawn. The birds herald the arrival of spring with primroses and vivid yellow flowers that burst into life along the roads and in the meadows.

Days are longer offering us more sunlit hours in the valleys and on the peaks. Rivers flow down full of rushing water from the thaw. It is time to don our boots and enjoy a walk in the mountain, among snowfields and meadows that are beginning to flourish. It is time to go out for our first sunbath to recharge our spirit after the winter. During the spring season, Somiedo bursts into a multicolour land thanks to the flowers that bloom in May and June and, with a bit of luck, we might see a bear!

verano en somiedo


The blue sky, on sunny days, is similar to that of Castille: clean, intense and cloudless. The sun shines on the mountain, but the leafy forest offers a pleasant shade to stop, take a rest, have a break and collect some blackberries along the path.

After a morning walk, the swimming pool calls us for a refreshing, invigorating swim, followed by a replenishing siesta in the garden hammock, to be lulled to sleep by the murmur of the river and trees. Then a delicious fruit juice will bring us back to life and prepare our stomach for the dinner.

otoño en somiedo


Somiedo celebrates autumn with the colourfulness of the forest. Leaves turn yellow and orange by the end of September in the highest valleys, gradually down to the lower valleys by October. The forest brims with delicious autumn fruits: chestnuts, hazelnuts, nuts and apples. We become amazed at these colours and enjoy the peace and quiet to be found near the fire.

It is time to enjoy reading, coming together at nightfall with a nutritive hot snack that will bring back the energy lost during the walk. It is also time for the Mangosto or Amagüestu, a typical celebration in Asturias where we can enjoy home-made sweet cider with roasted chestnuts.

invierno en somiedo


With the cold, we stay indoors, as we are reluctant to go out, let alone venture up to the mountain. Nevertheless, a sunny day can be the perfect excuse to go for a walk and charge our batteries. It is the saddest season of the year although it is not the least attractive. Snow covers the paths so that trekking is with snowshoes or go out with the children to make a snowman or ride sledges.

Our apartment is waiting for us just round the corner, with the chimney ready to warm us while we enjoy a siesta, prepare a meal, or talking huddled round the fire.